Patient Journey

Patient Journey

At the core of any medical intervention is the need for patients behaviour to change. Getting people to change what they are doing is hard and can be especially difficult with healthcare. Digital healthcare tools from smartphone apps to medical devices must find the right place and meaning in a patient’s life if they are to be used properly: to achieve this Phorix works with patient organisations, Technology and pharmaceutical companies  to uncover patient journey towards disease, through diagnosis and into treatment by placing health outcomes at the centre of the analysis and providing insights to product and service design that is patient-led. Phorix Patient Journey work covers:

We take a holistic view of patient’s lives (and their health network) from an ethnographic approach. Through observation, we provide insight into why people do and do not do what is medically asked of them. We find the ideas that have the potential to improve health outcomes but more importantly these ideas come from and are co-designed by patients.

Recent advances in technology are expected to offer previously unavailable access to information about how they live and their medical status. Tracking patients interaction with digital tools is vital to help any organization building digital support or diagnostic tools. Digital journeys help define key elements of design like:

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