Branding & Positioning

Branding & Positioning

At the heart of a great brand is a great story and in healthcare, that story comes from the lives of patients and the science and work that companies create to improve health. To get these stories right Phorix Communication has built a methodology to uncover the natural language of the disease and uses this to create breakthrough branding and product positioning Ideas. If you have a pharmaceutical brand, a diagnostic service or a medical device getting this brand language and insight is a key element to creating meaningful communications.

We use the voice of patients to create patient inspired communications that resonate with patients and their healthcare network. Based on authentic insights we create evidenced based Advertising and Branding.

Not only do great need a story they need to be able to tell it well. Phorix used the latest thinking in storytelling to create memorable communication and brand experiences including video, VR, AR and 360 production.

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